$30.00 / sqm

Cover Lawn Flexi Wear


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Uneven Surfaces Uneven Surfaces
Easy Installation Easy Installation
  • Ideal for uneven surfaces
  • Easy installation
  • Allows grass to naturally drain
  • Flexible

Cover Lawn Flexi Wear is a premium product that’s ideal for use on uneven surfaces such as grassed banks, mounds in playgrounds and sloping lawn areas.

Our patented Hybrid Turf system overlays natural grass with synthetic turf, resulting in the look and characteristics of natural grass with the added durability of synthetic turf. Natural grass grows through the honeycomb cell structures, fully engulfing the synthetic product. This creates a hybrid lawn that can withstand incredibly high traffic, and still look green and fabulous all year round.

Download the Coverlawn Installation Guide (.pdf)

Product Specification

Code: CL2003

Hole size: approx: 30mm x 30mm, Honeycomb Structure

Pile Denier:
Straight: 6000denier/6 filament
Curl: 4000denier/8 filament

Pile height: 20mm +/-5%

Pile weight: 800grams/ m2 +/-5%

Type: Raschel knitting

Gauge: 80 lines/1m

Backing stitches: 295 knots/1m

Pile stitches: 295 stitches/1m

Coating glue: Acrylic glue

Products weight: 1,150 grams/m2 +/-10%

Type: Mono-filament & Polypropylene
Material: Polyethylene & Polypropylene
Shape: Flat

Warp yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier

Welft 1 yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier

Welft 2 yarn: Polyester 2,000 denier

Warp, Weft weight: 200grams/ m2 +/-5%

Piles: 23,600 X 14 (330,400) piles/m2

Glue weight: 150grams/ m2 +/-5%

Width: 2.0m
Length: Cut to size, full roll is 20 lineal metres